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  • 2020河北教师招聘教学设计:高中英语《Healthy Eating》

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      河北教师招聘考试网提供以下教师招聘教师面试备考信息:2020河北教师招聘教学设计:高中英语《Healthy Eating》,更多关于河北教师招聘,教学设计,教师招聘教师面试备考的内容,请关注河北教师招聘考试网/河北人事考试网!

      Step I Warming up

      1. T ask Ss: Today I have some fruit and milk in the morning. It is very delicious.

      What did you have for breakfast?

      Do you like hamburger/ fried chicken?

      Do you like eating fruits? What are they?

      What is your favorite food?

      2. Show some pictures to Ss, and let them write down or speak out all the name of these foods shown in the pictures.

      3. Let Ss look at these pictures and decide if it is junk food or healthy food, if possible teacher can explain the meaning of junk food to Ss.

      4. T point to one of pictures and say: I like apples very much. I think that apples are healthy food/ good food because they contain lots of vitamins, and you? (teacher write down the phase ‘I think…because…’ on the blackboard)

      Ss: I like…, I think…because….

      5. Let Ss work in pairs to talk about junk food and healthy food each other, using the phase ‘I think…, because…’. At the same time, they can use some pictures and make their new dialogue.

      6. Get Ss work in pairs and ask their classmates about their diet and give some suggestions if necessary.

      Step II. Listening

      1. Let Ss read through the exercise before they listen to the tape.

      2. Get Ss to finish Ex in the book and check the answers to the class.

      Step III. Speaking

      1. T ask Ss: when you go to see a doctor, what will doctor say to you firstly?

      Ss: what can I do for you?

      T: Good! Now you will make up a dialogue between doctor and patient with your partner, according to the sample dialogue on the book.

      2. Let Ss listen to the dialogue and fill in the chart.

    problem causes advice

      3. Let Ss work in pairs and make up a dialogue according to the situations in the book, and then let them act it out.

      4. Encourage Ss to use the useful expressions in the book.

    patient doctor
    1. Can you help me, doctor ?
    2.What should I do?
    3.What do you suggest?
    4. I’ve got a pain here.
    5. There’s something wrong with my…
    6. I don’t feel well.
    7. I have a headache/cough.

    1. Let me have a look.
    2. Take the medicine
    three times a day.
    3. I advise you to …
    4. I suggest that you
    should do…
    5. Why not do…?
    6. What about doing…?
    7. You’d better do…
    8. You ought to do…


      Finish the exercises in the book.

      Blackboard design

      • Healthy Eating

      a balanced diet

      • energy-giving body-building protective

      food food food






      以上是2020河北教师招聘教学设计:高中英语《Healthy Eating》的全部内容,更多关于河北教师招聘,教学设计,教师招聘考试教师面试备考的信息敬请加入教师招聘考试群 教师招聘考试群,及关注教师招聘考试网/河北人事考试网。

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