Best Tracks

Nurburgring 2010
This is the most exhilarating, dangerous, and interesting circuits in the world. This track is 17 miles long with a whopping 170 corners. This track is open to the public, which does add to the many accidents seen here a year. There are no official reports, but there are quite a few deaths each year at this track. Professional drivers don’t even underestimate the difficulty of this track, for any drivers, this circuit is the top dog to beat.
Le Mans
karla-lemansHome of the oldest endurance track in the world, Le Mans is a largely flat circuit. The high intensity and high speeds reached on this track are what make it exciting. Many see speeds above 250mph here. The long endurance races held at Le Mans attract attention from all over the world. Still, open to the public and private races, this track sees plenty of attention.
karla-silverstoneThe British Grand Prix is held on Silverstone, making it a special place for the world of Formula 1 and its fans. After World War 2, an air field was converted in to the track we see today. Silverstone is seen by many as the cornerstone of modern race tracks – putting together the perfect amount of fast straights and tight corners.
Indianapolis Motor Speedway
karla-indyIndianapolis was the first speedway, an exhilarating oval home to famous races. Built in 1909, it’s first few races went awry. Many crashes that took the lives of spectators made people wary, but they continued with each race. Still today, this speedway stands strong as the highest capacity stadium style facility in the world.