Top 5 Worst Cars


These cars were made from Duroplast, a combination of recycled cotton and wood fibers packed in to plastic. They lacked brake lights and their engines required a mixture of gas and oil. Leaving a scent like no other car, the Trabant become one of the most hated cars in Germany. These cars were everywhere, and no one wanted one.


Ford Mustang II
The Ford Mustang was and still is one of the greatest, most successful lines in the world of cars. However, with the Mustang II, they made some mistakes. They incorporated the terrible design of the pintos rear end gas tank in to the mustang. This meant with any rear ending accident, the car would go up in flames – seriously. What made matters worse, was the engine inside the Mustang II was very unimpressive – making it dangerous, slow, and hindering the Mustang name.


Delorean DMC-12
John DeLorean was the created of you guessed it – the DeLorean. He also created the GTO, one of the most successful cars of the time – giving him the ability to then create the DeLorean. The electrically powered gulling doors would often fail, leaving the driver trapped inside. The car was a failure until Back to the Future came out. Then the car got a little bit of attention, people become fans of the movie, and thus fell in love with the car.


Jaguar XJ220
The Jaguar XJ220 under delivered on everything. What was shown to be a powerful v-12 engine, all wheel drive, and all wheel steering was everything but that. The car was released with a v-6, rear wheel drive, and no all wheel steering. The scissor style doors didn’t even make it to the final design. Jaguar must have been so money hungry after this failure that they actual sued people who originally said they wanted this awesome car (and put a deposit down) but after seeing the final car they wanted nothing to do with Jaguar. Can you blame them?


The Edsel, the car everyone realized was the cheap Mercury. What made it worse was all the hype that surrounded the car. Ford poured so much money and hope in to this car it was crazy. The cars were shipped to dealers with notes on what the car is missing part wise. They made it appear to be a woman pleaser, powerful, and elegant – but it was far from that. This car, the Edsel, has to be close to Fords most disappointing car.